PRI in the Sky

PRI in the Sky is a new Telerestore service that in combination with the Web Call Control can significantly increase Voice continuity in any organization. Used in conjunction with the Web Call Controller, Telerestore with the PRI option, can bring 24 PRI calls through a broadband Satellite link directly through your PBX. So in any type of outage caused by power, data loss, carrier problems, Telerestore can deliver 24 PRI calls directly through your phone switch.

Should there be other issues, the Web Call Controller can still route calls to alternative phones or individuals. This powerful combination of the Web Call controller, and PRI in the SKY makes Telerestore the most robust solution you can have to protect incoming calls. A T1 of incoming calls can be routed right back into your PBX, other calls can be forwarded anywere. And Telerestore protects you whether you remain in the building or use an alternative site.